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Rattoo Round Tower as Never Seen Before

Rattoo Round Tower Ballyduff, North Kerry.

Rattoo Round Tower Ballyduff, North Kerry. Wild Atlantic Way.History: The monastery historically dates from the 6th century and founded by Bishop Lughach, though the present church ruin is certainly of later date. In the mid 19th century, the tower sat on a raised earth causeway in what was then a swamp. The swamp was drained and the causeway removed in the late 1800s so that the fields which surround it could be planted with crops. These field remain under cultivation today.Features: This beautifully proportioned round tower features doorway moulding unlike any other. A curvilinear design runs along the top of the arch, resting on the wide raised moulding of the arch itself and terminating in scrolls to either side. At the apex of the arch, above the first design, is a smaller abbreviated curved design that stretches most of the width of the keystone. All of the carving, including the doorway moulding stand proud of the face of the tower by a centimeter or two. The tower drum is composed of a variety of large purple, brown, gray and red sandstone blocks, regularly spaced with smaller stones at intervals. There is evidence of several lightning strikes. In 1880-81,the OPW reset part of the conical cap. Photographs show the top two thirds of the cap are of an obviously different construction from the bottom five courses closest to the cornice. During this same restoration work, the OPW discovered a sheela-na-gig (a female exhibitionist figure of sorts) carved on the top left-hand corner of the frame of the north window, facing the interior. A plaster cast made at the time of discovery is now in the National Museum.Other Items of Interest: Whether the church ruin on this site was oddly built to begin with or oddly restored, I couldn't say. A stone set just inside the arched doorway has a date of 1667 inscribed on it, along with other marks I couldn't interpret. There is beautiful double ogee-headed window that frames the tower nicely from the right angle.Music by Air – All I NeedNotice to copyright.We don't own this music. We share this video for non-profit, for entertainment and to share music.Making people happy in a contemporary usage kind of way. All enfo from http://roundtowers.org/rattoo/index1.htm

Posted by Wild Atlantic Way North Kerry on Monday, 2 October 2017

Rattoo Round Tower near Ballyduff in County Kerry is one of the finest and best preserved round towers in the country.
The monastery at this site dates from the 6th century and the tower was built later and added to at various stages since.
For more information about Rattoo Round Tower click here.

The OPW has done a magnificent job in restoring the tower to its current condition.

This unique drone footage which shows the tower and its surroundings from various angles was shot by PIXIE FILMS who have shot some excellent clips of various places in Kerry.

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