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Zen Way Photo Fest Ballybunion

Zen Way Photo Festival Ballybunion 2020

Ballybunion Venue

Ballybunion, County Kerry

Zen Way Photography Festival Ballybunion

Calling All Photographers!

For experienced, not so experienced, and budding photographers, this brand new photography festival is for you!
Ballybunion Photography Club is a funky new club.  
We hold camera classes outdoors during the pandemic, walking Photography sessions in small groups and from the 1st August to August 8th we are holding our very first Photography Festival Ballybunion
Zen Way Photo Fest
In brief, the bottom line is happy.  Most of our members use their mobile phones as cameras and the quality these days is amazing off a mobile phone. 
Checkout our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bbphotoclub/

Photography Festival BallybunionBallybunion Photography Club

For more information and daily feed and feel free to contact us, post pictures and enjoy your hobby.  
Membership is free to anyone 

New Details of the Event:

Aug 1 at 2 AM – Aug 8 at 11 PM
Public · Hosted by Ballybunion Photography Club
We are already taking bookings,contact Karl directly to book your place at any event. Exhibitions of Club members photography. Photography Classes, & Photographic Zen walks.
First three days of our very first fest.
Genesis / Zen Way Photo Fest Jul 31~Aug 8
The Friday night event is cancelled as Listowel Council won’t give permission for a small turf fire. Sorry.
Instead we will kick off our funky new photo Fest 2pm August the first with smoke bombs. No permission needed!
Friday – July 31th – 10pm
Location – Ladies Strand
Event – Small Turf fire cancelled. Sorry.
Saturday – August 1st – 2pm *Genesis*
Location – Castle Green if weather is fine, if not class will be held indoors.
Event – Free Photography made fun class. May include coloured smoke!
Event Name – ~IMAGINATION~
How to easily take pictures from new angles, also how to creatively frame your images in new ways. Followed by a brief description of Zen Way Photography courtesy of the event organiser Karl White. For Camera & mobile phone camera users.
Saturday – August 1st – 4pm
Location – Castle Green weather permitting.
Event – Free novice Portraiture class.
Event Name – Portraiture Photography.
An introduction to portrait photography simplified to give a basic understanding of tools needed, mindset, psychology involved, correct lenses, correct body postures of subjects. Open to camera & mobile phone camera users.
Saturday – August 1st – 10pm
Location – Nuns Beach / Meeting @Small car park over looking the Virgin Rock.
Event – Free active class.
Event Name – Photography by starlight
Photography class on the process of taking long exposure Landscape/ Seascape. This class is best suited to cameras on tripods. Additional tripods are limited so please bring your own tripod where possible.
Sunday – August 2nd – 2pm
Location – Castle Green
Event – Free outdoor class.
Event Name – Phone Photography
How to get the most out of your phone camera, settings explained, symbols explained. How to hold correctly. Where to buy extra lenses cheaply. In camera Photoshop made simple. How to use your ear phones as a shutter release. How to sell your images taken on your phone to newspapers and question and answer session.
Sunday – August 2nd – 8pm
Location – Castle Green
Event – Free class
Event Name – Sunset / Seascape Photography
How to use ND, grad and polariser filters. Hyper focal distance & differential focus explained. Bring camera & tripod.
All lectures are followed by a questions & answers section to encourage participants to engage each other & the lecturer.
Groups of up to 15 will be permitted for each event. Additional classes will be arranged for any excess numbers.
This class will be held at the Castle Green weather permitting. In the event of strong rain it will be moved to another location.
10pm on each Saturday night (1 & 8 of August) there will be a free night Photography class taking long exposure Seascape & landscape Photography with also some writing with torch light. This is best suited to cameras on tripods. Loner tripods are very limited this year, so please bring your own tripod. Meeting point is 10pm at the small carpark overlooking the Nuns Strand.
Between Monday Friday there will be five classes. Each day at 2pm lasting on average two hours & costing €20.00 euro. Bring suntan cream and a heavy rain coat with snow boots as my weather forcaster got struck by lightning & has’ent predicted reliably since.
Please pre book to avoid disappointment as groups need to be kept small.
Every single day is open to booking to Bromore Cliffs. There it’s possible to take pictures of Peregrine Falcons, nick named locally Bombers after the GAA Hero d Bomber Liston. Peregrine Falcons hold the nature top speed record as they dive to kill at speeds often over 300kmph. The Cliff Ravens are distance relatives of the Ravens at the Tower of London, which were originally shipped from Munster, as England has no natural Ravens outside the few at the Tower. Their wings Span 6 feet across, and like all predators their eyes are in a forward position. Ravens have the same intelligence as a 7 year old human and are smarter than all of the common ape species. At different times of the our local seals swing by along with our own totally unique Natter Jack Toad which is found nowhere outside North Kerry! It’s extremely relaxing to watch Great Black Backed Gulls steal glides on up drafts and down drafts all around Bromore. Ballybunion Photography Club strongly believe our local Cliff walks and beaches are the best in Ireland and gently bring our town land after Leek Castle owned by the TCD trust to the mouth of the Shannon, Ireland’s longest river & the second longest in western Europe! It’s also possible to go Dolphin watching by boat and Photograph all our Cliffs from a sea view parsepective.
I will have a 800mm f/8 Samyang Catadioptric Mirror T mount lens.
This lens will mount on any camera once you have the correct T mount fitting. Presently I have Canon & Pentax fit, with Nikon T mount on the way.
I also have 2x PK Teleconverter.
I will bring a 20x by 60x power 60mm objective spotting scope. Folks with mobile phones will be able to take nature pictures at a great distance by pressing their phones camera lens to the eye piece. Thus replicating the magnification of a 1000mm to 3000mm 35mm full frame camera lens. This is a well kept secret, so hush! Also two pairs of 8x 40mm & 7x 50mm Binoculars.
Please pre book events as all groups need to be kept small due to C19.
Monday 3 August @ 2pm 2 hour class on Portrait Photography, which lens and filters to use, best gear to have. How to remove receding hairlinesa, double chins etc. €20.00 pp. Please pre book as classes are filling fast and groups must be kept small due to Pandemic.
This class will be more advanced again than the Sunday 3pm class the day before.
Tuesday 4 August @ 2pm 2 hour class on Infrared Photography / tour. We have a 52mm 72B a 52mm 85B and a CokinP sized Infrared filter as loners. We will take Infrared Seascapes / landscapes.
Tripods essential as exposures are exceedingly long. Half of all light is invisible to the human eye! But your camera can record invisable light by using Infrared filters. Images appear ghostly, skys become black! €20.00 pp
Wednesday 5 August @ 2pm Macro Photography class lasting two hours. €20.00 pp. How to use Macro equipment. How to source equipment cheaply. Macro lighting.
Thursday 6 August @ 2pm Seascape / Landscape class, plus how to use N Density, Polarizer & Graduate filters and others. 2 hour class. €20.00 pp. Depending on the weather we will actual take landscapes. More covered than Sundays free Sunset Photography class.
Friday 7 August @ 2pm Bromore Nature Photography class. Which is free but each car costs €5. We hope to have an 800mm T mount lens available for club use. 800mm f/8 mirror lens by Samyang. Get great photos of Peregrine Falcons.
During the week if club members would like to take documentary photos of a Violin maker at work, please let me know. He is a master craftsman and there will be a fee to take part.
There has been some interest shown in holding a Street Photography Master class. If your interested in learning how to take pleasing/interesting pictures of complete strangers then contact me. This class sadly won’t be free. Very detailed.
Also we can offer a class on Band/music Photography. How to sell pictures of bands, Understanding available light Photography/ Chariscuro.
Again not free and requires pre- booking. How to manually fast focus fast prime lens. Which lenses are best. How to avoid blurred images yet use slow shutter speeds. Very detailed.
Please pre book to aviod disappointment.
Saturday 8 August. 2pm walking/ out doors Photography classes, how to have a Zen mindset. One hour long and free.
Saturday 8. 10pm night Photography class, free but you need to bring your own camera and tripod. Same as Saturday August the first.
Sunday 9 Winners announced. Competitions aren’t 100% solid yet. But broadly speaking their will be two distinct sections, one section for folks that don’t or have ever sold their photos and another for those that have or are currently.
Winning photos will be giving copyright to Ballybunion Tourist office and Ballybunion Photography Club to help promote Ballybunion. This is standard in most Photography Competitions.
We will be holding four Zen Way Photo Fest’s per year. To promote Ballybunion & all of North Kerry as Ireland’s number one, top Photography Holiday Destination.
Again. Please contact Karl and pre book to avoid disappointment. I am already getting bookings to hold places in advance.

1 Comment on Zen Way Photo Fest Ballybunion

  1. Hi Karl, well done on the wonderful variety of upcoming events for the week ahead . The Zen Photo Fest is a great idea and will be a great chance for our town to showcase its beauty and the variety of photo opportunities available in our area.
    Both Jean and I are looking forward to attending one of the events during the week.
    Regards and well done to you and you group for the week ahead.
    Donal and Jean.

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